• Beneficiary name: SBS Mechanic, Repair and Service Provider Limited Liability Company

  • Project title: Micro, small and medium enterprises with identification number GINOP-8.3.5-18/B technological modernization

  • Nature of contracted support: Refundable Loan

  • Loan amount: HUF 149,000,000

  • Amount of interest subsidy: HUF 15,679,597

  • Loan term: 60 months

  • Contract number: H-EKTG2/078045/2020/301804/001

  • Project description:

     Due to decades of close cooperation with market-leading manufacturers and volume growth, it became necessary to increase our stocks, which increases our competitiveness. Due to the supply problems typical of the global economic processes of the past period, the value of our own stock has increased in particular, with the help of which we can further increase the speed and quality of delivery, thereby customer satisfaction and our competitiveness.

     The result of the project:

     The primary activity of SBS Kft. is the production of welded steel structural parts for construction and earthmoving machines. In order to ensure the uninterrupted liquid operation of the company as a medium-sized production enterprise, it requested a HUF 149,000,000 loan within the framework of the Loan Program to finance the acquisition of inventory. From this amount, he managed to buy 1,000 tons of steel plates.

     Project start date: September 28, 2020.

    Project technical completion date: April 26, 2021.

    Project financial end date: August 9, 2021.