• Beneficiary name: SBS Kft.
      • Project title: Development of a hydraulic leveling prototype at SBS Kft
      • Grant amount: HUF 52,069,457
      • Amount of support: 54.23 %
      • Brief presentation of project content:

Within the framework of the project, a new hydraulic leveling device with a load capacity of 300 t was developed and manufactured. The production documentation - in accordance with the tender requirements - has been made public.

Another result is the technological development, with which SBS Kft. can increase the efficiency of the production of welded structures.

The new content of the project:

Since the weight of the workpiece can reach 4-5 tons, a crane is needed to move it on the straightening table, and this is also true for moving the workpiece needed to move individual straightening points. This crane operation puts a significant strain on the crane capacity of a given workshop. In order to reduce this crane capacity, a work piece moving aid was developed that does not require the crane activity apart from lifting the work piece up and down. The innovation is the application of the additional roller table. The table can be raised using air springs. Compared to known competitive equipment, this solution represents a significant advantage. By using the hydraulic straightener manufactured by us, companies achieve cost savings.

    • Project end date: 2018.05.07.
    • Project identification number: GINOP-2.1.7-15-2016-00518