• Beneficiary name: SBS Kft.
  • Project title: Procurement of equipment necessary for capacity expansion at SBS Kft
  • Grant amount: HUF 497,162,534
  • Amount of support: 50,00 %
  • Brief presentation of project content:

The result of the project:

During technological development, the aim is to increase the efficiency of production, thereby improving its market positions, and to improve the profitability and thus the sustainability of the activity. The equipment to be purchased contributes to this, which are the following: chain belt shot blasting equipment, roller track shot blasting machine, component leveling machine, double bridge plasma cutting machine, welding edge preparation robot, deburring machine, chassis welding robot, bridge scale, coordinate drilling machine, NC sawing machine, hydraulic edge bender, vertical CNC lathe machine, horizontal CNC lathe machine.

The goal of SBS Kft. is to continue to play a leading role in the field of Hungarian welded steel structure production. Maintain or expand the delivery activity to machine tool manufacturers, and strive to deliver welded steel structures representing the largest added summers (of greater complexity and size).

  • Project start date: 2018.04.20.
  • Project identification number: GINOP-1.2.1-16-2017-00283