• Beneficiary name: SBS Kft.
  • Project title:  It is the advanced digitization of the activities of competitive companies at SBS Kft
  • Grant amount: HUF 79,882,512.-
  • Amount of support: 35,00 %


Brief presentation of project content:

Within the framework of the project, the existing production systems in the production plant of SBS KFT will be further developed and supplemented with IoT "Internet of Things" sensor technology and information technology solutions supported by the GINOP-3.2.6-8.2.4-17 tender design. SBS Kft. has several CNC cutting machines, manual consumable electrode MIG/MAG technology welding machines, computer hardware and software tools supporting production, which until now have operated separately from each other. In the framework of the project, we implement hardware and software developments that, by organizing the production units in a network, enable their interactive and thus more efficient operation. A complex development program that includes all elements of the production process, which provides an adequate long-term answer to questions related to improving efficiency. Accordingly, it is expected to measure the performance of welding and cutting workers, and to monitor the progress of the products (booms and machine chassis) in the production process. SBS Kft acquires such hardware devices available on the market, which can be installed and positioned in the existing production factors (CNC machines, manual welding machines, workers) to query their status and position. By organizing the transmitters into a network, as a result of the hardware and software development to be carried out on the central computer system, statistical analyzes and efficiency tests can be carried out by processing and graphically displaying the data. Based on the information, it is possible to create the opportunity for management to intervene in time, in order to fulfill the orders on time. The expected increase in efficiency, in addition to effectiveness, also serves the purpose of generating further order stock growth through customer satisfaction. By improving the efficiency of steel structure production, the order stock will increase by 30-40% in the next 2-3 years, and a minimal increase in human resources will be sufficient to meet this demand.


  • Project start date: 2019.07.01
  • Planned completion date of the project: 2021.05.17.
  • Project identification number: GINOP-3.2.6-8-2-4-17-2017-00001