• Beneficiary name: SBS Mechanic Repair and Service Limited Liability CompanyProject title: Development of solar energy supply at SBS Kft

      Project ID: GINOP-4.1.4-19-2020-02252

      The project was implemented with the co-financing of the European Regional Development Fund.

      Grant amount: 76,964,802 HUF.

      Amount of support: 54,99%

      Actual project completion date: 2022.08.31

      Project content:

      As part of the project, a small solar power plant with a capacity of 499.95 kW will be built. The investment includes the following task elements: technical preparation, preparation of a static expert opinion, and the installation of the solar panel system - the elements of which are: - solar panel modules - support structure - inverter and related accessories - electrical installation materials, cabling - as part of construction services - design of lightning protection, installation and commissioning , grounding probe installation, touch protection, network connection administration, preparation of construction and connection plan documentation. The end of the investment is the network connection and commissioning of the small power plant. The planned date for this is 31.08.2022.