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Donation to the Erdötelk kindergarten

We had a lot of uplifting moments this week! 😍✨
On Wednesday morning, we visited the Children's Department of the Egri Hospital, where we took material and monetary donations! 🎄
After that, we headed to the Erdotelki kindergarten, where we gave the children the toys that our employees had collected in the company charity campaign at the end of November. 🥰
In the afternoon, we distributed a total of 470 Christmas packages among our employees, the total value of which reached HUF 40,000 per person.
The pre-Christmas gift program is already a tradition at our company! It was nice to see the many smiles and hear the words of thanks! ✨
But this is a real thank you, dear colleagues, we are grateful that you have worked hard all year! 🙏

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