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SBS Ltd. is a 100% percent Hungarian private owned enterprise that produces different welded structures, frames ( chassis ), booms and other heavy machine parts for world leading agricultural, construction and mining machine manufacturers.

Working in the steel structure and weldments industry for more than two decades we are proud to be in the forefront of this profession.

Our mission is satisfying the needs of our customers on the highest quality level.

To fulfill these challenges, open mindset and innovative approach are essential, fully represented and conveyed towards the customers by the owners and the employees of SBS , resulting in a true team working together with unfailing commitment.
Our main aim is to develop our technical standards continuously, to maintain our flexibility and to keep the confidence of our clients. In the center of our organizational culture is the quality ensured by our up-to-date and modern manufacturing technologies in accordance with the priorities of the Industrie 4.0 development concept.

Mr. László BALOGH - Managing Director


part hall


tons of machined steel per year


Foundation of SBS Ltd.

Acquisition of Erdőtelek site. Fabrication of machine components begins. Indirect export sales via TLC Ltd.



Hungary joins to the European Union. First modern workshop with bridge cranes is ready to use.

Extension of manufacturing halls with 5000 m2. Direct export of machine components begins.



Fabrication of first Railroad Vehicle components – Bogies for Bombardier.

The new high-performance painting plant is ready



Manufacturing of Heavy Transportation vehicle frames – applying high strength fine grade steels. Turnover hits 6,8 billions HUF.

Establishing the R&D Team of SBS in order to develop a loader machine.



R&D Team introduces the first 3 prototypes of MT Lifter (Multifunctional Loader) family.
Development is subsidized by G.I.N.O.P 2011.1.1.1 grant program. SBS starts to implement its new Enterprise System.

Workforce: 350 employees, manufacturing facilities: 15.500 m2 under roof.



Construction of a new, automatically operated warehouse for raw material steel plates.

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