About SBS Ltd.:


SBS Ltd. was founded in 1997. The first few activities were  engineering systems installation, implementation of power plants’ tubes and pipelines. Later these were broadened with the production of several steel structures & weldments, the implementation of production and commercial halls, and even so car showrooms.

SBS Ltd. made the whole steel structure works or general implementation of many production halls, logistic buildings and car showrooms.

In 1999 the company moved to the new site of Erdőtelek, which remained the headquarter of the company until today.

In 2003 SBS Ltd. built a new production hall, then in 2004 the company was extended with a new 5000 m2 production hall.

In the last ten years SBS Ltd. continuously developed and improved its equipment & machinery in order to meet increased customers’ demands.

Since 2004, SBS Ltd. Has been producing welded heavy machine frames / chassis / carriages. In the beginning it worked on behalf of the Shipyard of Balatonfüred and later on the company became a direct supplier of many multinational machine manufacturer companies.


At present SBS Ltd. produces frames, booms and other welded structures for mining machines, construction machines and agricultural machineries on 15 500 m2 area.

SBS Ltd.  is a direct supplier and a key strategy partner of the world’s well-known machine manufacturers.

The frames, the booms and the other machine elements produced by SBS Ltd. are built in the world’s best machines, so they represent the high standard of SBS Ltd. almost in every country of the world.


In 2015 SBS Ltd started the implementation of a new company and production control system laying the foundation stones of further improvements. Beside manufacturing developments and building more and more up-to-date production facilities the Company makes significant efforts to improve the safety & working conditions and the environment management system as well.Establishing state-of-the–art management control system and performance-based incentive bonus system the Company takes aim at a steady growth in order to join to the leading Hungarian companies with its exemplary works.

In 2012 SBS established its own R&D department to provide design activities for both internally used
fabrication equipment and development of custom-built machinery to different customers.

Between 2012 and 2015 a brand new telescopic, multifunction loader family was designed by our R&D engineer team within the framework of G.I.N.O.P 2011.1.1.1 – 2012-0081 government subsidy program.
The continuous improvement of the above mentioned loader group highly represents our long term goal, namely starting an independent and high added-value machine manufacturing to ramp up the domestic machine production again.

1997 Foundation of SBS Ltd.


The company moves to its actual headquarters in Erdőtelek.


Beginning of weldments ( frames )  fabrication, with indirect export sales, through TLC Ltd.


The year of joining the EU. The first modern production hall with cranes was  built in Erdőtelek.


Additional new production halls, sized 5000 m2.

SBS Ltd started to produce machine components ( steel structures ) which were exported directly to Liebherr GmbH.


Fulfilling the first  orders of railway applicationsfabricating bogies for Bombardier.


A new, highcapacity painting plant is completed


Heavy-duty transport frames made of fine grained steel for road vehicle industry. The annual turnover reaches 22,5 M €.


Development division of SBS Ltd is formed. The first R+D operation is started.


Within the framework of G.I.N.O.P 2011.1.1.1 tender, development of 3 different prototypes of the MT Lifter loader family  is finished.
SSBS Ltd. Starts its reorganization programs. A new ERP system is being implemented.